American state agencies used in phishing scams

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The Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice are the most recent excuses for phishing that have multiplied in the United States. The names and image of the two institutions have been used to try to capture financial data from Internet users.

Much of the attack attempts already identified inform the user that he was under investigation for debts to finance and it is under this pretext that he asks for information. 23,000 complaints have been received since this type of attack was detected in 2005.

The authorities guarantee that the attack was unprecedented, both in terms of sophistication and in terms of impact.

Analysts stress that government agencies are increasingly the target of this type of attacks, which even recently have privileged almost exclusively financial institutions. This is explained by the trust that users place in government agencies, which will eventually facilitate the delivery of personal and confidential information.

Attacks by phishing normally provide a link to the user who leads to a fake website where he is induced to enter confidential information that will later be used to access accounts and divert money, for example.

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