American sentenced to € 1.4 million fine will appeal

American sentenced to € 1.4 million fine will appeal

The American sentenced to pay $ 1.9 million (€ 1.4 million) for deliberate copyright infringement with illegal music sharing over the Internet, will appeal the decision.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset was convicted on 18 June for an action brought by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) regarding the download and sharing 24 songs, which is said to be a representative sample of the case that dates back to 2007.

According to one of the lawyers, cited by Cnet, the American wants to question the constitutionality of the fine, claiming that it is disproportionate to any real damage.

This will be the third time Jammie has gone to court.

In October 2007, the American had been ordered to pay $ 222,000, but the decision was found to be invalid due to judicial errors.

The sentence changed last month to $ 1.9 million and, according to the RIAA, the fine could reach $ 3.6 million.

In October 2007, Jammie had already been convicted, but the decision was considered invalid due to judicial errors.

According to the new sentence, the 32-year-old American will pay $ 80,000 for each song, which would have cost 99 cents if it had been legally purchased online.

According to lawyers, the RIAA has already tried to reach an agreement, but Jammie did not accept the proposal, as he has no interest in «agreements that involve taking the blame or paying fines».