American retailers reimburse those who purchased HD-DVD equipment

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With the end of HD-DVD, several retailers decided to reward users who adopted reproduction equipment compatible with that format. Following the example of Japanese salespeople, some North American store chains chose to follow suit and started giving their customers credit cards in exchange for obsolete readers.

The first was Best Buy, which last month started offering to all consumers who had purchased there hardware HD-DVD compatible credit notes on repairs or cash worth 50 dollars.

This was followed by Wal-Mart, which adopted the same technique and decided to fully refund all customers who purchased an HD-DVD player after the 1st of November. This opportunity continues until the 30th of April but, unlike what happens with Best Buy, it requires that in order to be rewarded, users present the purchase receipt of the equipment and return it to the store.

These two chain stores are now joined by Amazon. All consumers who have purchased hardware HD-DVD in store online will receive a $ 50 credit for purchases for each reader that was purchased before February 23, when Toshiba announced the discontinuation of the format. In the case of Amazon, the proposal will continue until April 9 of next year.

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