American OnLine returns to court for alleged patent infringement

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American OnLine (AOL) is waging yet another legal battle for alleged copyright infringement on its services. This time it was Judah Klausner who filed a lawsuit against the American company alleging that the platform of voice services that include AOL Voicemail, AOL Call Alert, AOL by Phone and AOL VOIP Internet Phone Service infringes its patent, reported the The Register.

Currently the company Klausner Technologies has more than twenty worldwide patents that enable the remote recovery of voice messages via the Internet or the network wireless using a visual display.

The law firm Dovel & Luner responsible for the lawsuit that is taking place in the Federal Court of the State of Virginia, believes that AOL has violated Klausner’s intellectual property rights since users of these services are visually notified whenever there are new messages from voice and those same messages can be reproduced using your exhibits.

According to Greg Dovel, one of Klausner’s defense lawyers «we expect a quick resolution of the problem and the issuance of a sanction directed at AOL so that it is prevented from using this patented technology».

However, no one from AOL was available to comment on the matter, however, a spokesman for Time Warner said that only after analyzing all the details of the process will «legal options» be taken. If AOL is found guilty, it will have to pay $ 200 million in damages.

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