American online radio is silent in protest against royalties

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Thousands of radios online Americans will remain silent tomorrow, June 26, as a sign of protest against the increase in royalties that will have to pay for the transmission of copyrighted music, as of July 15th.

According to the new rules, defined by the Copyright Royalty Board, radio stations will have to pay 0.08 dollars for each time they pass a certain song, a value that in 2010 will increase to 0.19 dollars, details the IDG Now.

When the new rules for the use of protected music come into force, they will have retroactive effects to the beginning of 2006, so the radio stations online will have to pay 17 months of royalties overdue.

The protest next Tuesday, which for some radio stations will last 24 hours and for others at times interspersed with normal programming, aims to draw the attention of listeners to the negative impact of the new rules, which will lead to the extinction of several radio stations, guarantee the protesting companies.

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