American nuclear laboratory loses 80 computers

American nuclear laboratory loses 80 computers

Since the beginning of last year, 80 computers have disappeared from an American nuclear laboratory. The information is contained in internal reports, now denounced by an NGO (non-governmental organization).

Project On Government Oversight monitors the activities of the Los Álamos National Laboratory – a structure created secretly during the Second World War where the project that would give rise to the first nuclear bombs was born – as an independent supervisory entity.

It was through this activity that he obtained information regarding the theft and disappearance of computer material, he still does not know for what purposes nor are there any investigations underway that seek to clarify it.

The reports indicate that since last year 13 pieces of equipment have been lost or stolen and another 67 have disappeared. According to the NGO, a Blackberry from the laboratory was also lost «in a sensitive foreign country» but that information did not even reach the reports to be communicated to external entities. to the lab.

Theft / disappearance will have been treated at the management level, but not seen as an information security problem or a threat to the work carried out by scientists in the laboratory located in New Mexico and which today deals with topics such as space, energy , medicine, nanotechnology and informatics.