American filmmakers compensated $ 25,000 for piracy in China

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Twentieth Century Fox and five other Hollywood filmmakers received $ 25,500 in damages related to film piracy. The measure was decreed by a Chinese court and more than a financial burden has a symbolic burden, due to the small number of times that cases of the same kind come to an end with this type of results, in a country where piracy has very high rates .

Filmmakers will receive compensation from a Beijing store that sold pirated DVDs of recent movie titles such as Lord of the Rings, or the Day After Tomorrow, the court’s website that publishes the information, cited by various international media, said.

China and the United States have cooperation agreements in place that aim to curb the piracy of music, films, electronics and other goods, especially with regard to their commercialization in the United States. These agreements do not always bear fruit, which has already caused tension between the two countries on several occasions.

Figures have recently been released that indicate that the American economy loses $ 12.5 billion annually from piracy. The same data, released by the Institute for Policy Innovation, indicate that the country annually loses 71 thousand jobs, a direct and indirect consequence of piracy in the music, cinema and related sectors.

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