American Federal Communications Commission confirms ban on mobile calls on aircraft

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The American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the ratification of a rule that prohibits the use of mobile phones on board aircraft, the Associated Press reported.

The organization points out that the measure is confirmed for security reasons, since the use of the devices can interfere with the operations of wireless communication networks, established between the planes and the terrestrial terminals. The conclusions come after a long period of research on the topic that sought to confirm whether there were conditions to lift the current ban.

The conclusion reached is in line with what the Federal Aviation Administration already defended, whose work in this area also indicated that the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices interfere with the smooth functioning of the systems during flights.

The FCC admits to re-examining the issue and reconsidering the measure if technical data are available that prove that there is no danger, a conclusion that cannot be removed from the current information.

The availability of services supported on Wi-Fi networks during air travel has already been tested by some American companies. In November AirCell even received authorization from the FCC to provide broadband services on airplanes.

In Europe, the possibility of allowing mobile calls on board is being worked on from the end of the year.

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