American economy loses $ 12.5 billion a year from illegal music distribution

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The Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) has prepared a study that assesses the impact that piracy and illegal music downloads have on the American economy. The results indicate that these activities cause losses in the order of US $ 12.5 billion and in the loss of 71 thousand jobs every year – 26.8 thousand in the music industry and 44.2 thousand in related sectors.

With the illegal distribution of music, the US state is no longer receiving 422 million dollars a year in taxes, 291 million in personal taxes and 131 million in taxes on business products and revenues.

For its part, the record industry loses about 5.33 billion dollars, while the retail market has losses of 1.04 billion dollars, which translates into losses for the industry of 6.37 billion dollars.

The study highlights that piracy harms not only the music sector but also in other segments, because all areas protected by copyright – including music – ensure 40 percent of the United States’ economic growth and 60 percent. percent of the country’s export volume.

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