American court denies RIAA lawsuit

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An American judge denied the RIAA’s intention to bring another case of alleged copyright infringement to court, considering that the assumptions of the association representing the record industry were not valid.

The RIAA’s accusation was based on the fact that the user in question recorded music tracks on the PC and later placed them in a folder shared with other online users.

The association does not consider recording between PCs a crime but does not have the same interpretation regarding placing the music in a location that other users can access via the Internet and where it is accessible to peer-to-peer programs.

The judge denied the request for trial because he considered that the mere placing of music in a shared folder does not constitute a legal offense, and that he did not consider it possible to prove that the defendant had deliberately placed the music tracks in the shared folders. .

The case is seen as a potential precedent for future situations with the same characteristics.

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