American Comdex again canceled in 2005

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The annual Comdex technology fair was canceled by its organizers. This is the second year in a row that this has happened, after a 25-year history in which he traditionally performed in Las Vegas, in the United States, in November. In place of the event schedule in the USA this year is a Comdex appointment for Greece.

MediaLive International, which acquired the rights to Comdex several years ago, first canceled an American edition of the event in 2004, after a recent decline in attendance and increased competition. At that time the promoters guaranteed that the event would be revised and revitalized in 2005 (see Related News).

The company says it has been working diligently to determine how the fair will be able to respond to the future needs of the industry, adding that although it has already made some progress «there is still considerable work to finish in order to build an event that suits the sector to measure that this matures with the same success that Comdex had at the beginning, «said Ben Stricker, a spokesman for MediaLive, speaking to C | Net.

Although the American edition of Comdex has been canceled, MediaLive has a version of the event for Athens, Greece, scheduled for November this year.

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