Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

American Christmas with online sales below expectations

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The first figures for purchases online carried out over the Christmas period in the United States indicate that sales on the channel will have increased by 19 percent. Although sustained, this growth is slightly below expectations and even the figures obtained last year, when sales online grew by about 25 percent.

Experts argue that 19 percent is still important growth and justify that it will be difficult to maintain the accelerated pace of growth that sales online have registered in recent years. Because the basis for comparison is increasing and because broadband is, for the same reason, stop growing so quickly.

The figures indicated should still reveal a five times higher sales growth for retailers online than for the traditional market. Clothes, shoes, books and CDs were among the most purchased goods through this channel, according to Nielsen / NetRatings, along with electronics products, as already revealed by Amazon that this week announced the best sales of always on this Christmas season.

Another conclusion indicated by the numbers is that this year Americans were less sensitive to promotions that seek to encourage trade online. Proof of this is comScore data that points to spending 12 percent lower than last year on Cyber ​​Monday, a Monday in late November when all stores online adhere to a kind of balances. Visits online increased 38 percent this year, but sales have not kept pace.

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