American Apple Watch Series 5 starts to work on Vivo with iOS 13.2 beta 3

American Apple Watch Series 5 starts to work on Vivo with iOS 13.2 beta 3

When the Apple Watch Series 5 was announced, we quickly saw that the American model (GPS + Cellular) was compatible with bands 3 and 7, used by Brazilian operators. That is, in theory, both the American model of the Apple Watch and the European are compatible with 4G here.

Shortly after sales began, this was confirmed – at least on the clear, since in Live everything was still not working. Good, was. Today, with the release of iOS 13.2 beta 3, the American Apple Watch Series 5 started to work at Vivo!

We confirmed with three Vivo customers, including Bruno Nascimento (above), that it really started to work.

On paper, this would be the ideal scenario: even though the model approved / marketed in Brazil is European, there is no technical reason for the American not to work in Brazilian lands. The only reasonable explanation for this would be a blocking via software by Apple or by the operators themselves for it not to work, since, on paper, there is no support / warranty for such hardware in Brazil.

Meanwhile, at Claro …

For the first time, the Apple Watch Series 5 is running on Vivo’s network; on the other hand, new users are no longer able to make the clock work on Claro’s network, something that until then was possible.

As strange as it may seem, Claro informed – according to reports from readers of the MacMagazine – that it does not yet support the Apple Watch Series 5. We will have to wait for the scenes in the next chapters to unravel this mystery.

We entered into a contract with the two operators to understand all this imbroglio; as soon as we get official answers, we will pass on the information.