American App Store breaks revenue record on Black Friday

App Store generates almost twice as many new “millionaires” compared to Google Play

THE sexta-feira Negra it has already become one of the main dates for merchants around the world, but it is also proving to be an extremely lucrative event for those who do not sell physical products: developers can also get along very well with the consumerist curse of the day of offers. Proof of this is a new research released by Sensor Tower.

According to the firm, sexta-feira Negra 2018 yielded to the world’s top two app stores – the App Store it’s the Google Play – an absolute record of revenue generated in a single day. Considering only the US market, consumers spent $ 75.9 million in the two stores combined.

Sensor Tower: app store revenue on Black Friday

The largest share of this sum came from the App Store, which recorded revenue of $ 52 million only on friday (11/23). This is a considerable growth in relation to the sexta-feira Negra 2017, when US $ 39.5 million was spent at the American Apple store.

Even Christmas 2017 fell behind in the metric: at that time, consumers spent $ 39.8 million on the U.S. App Store – Christmas is considered to be one of the most fruitful dates for developers because, on that day, millions of consumers activate new devices and therefore, they buy new apps.

Sensor Tower also brought figures considering the whole world, excluding the USA: US $ 117.3 million was spent on the App Store in the country, which contributed to a total of US $ 169.3 million globally – an 18.4% growth compared to to 2017.

According to the firm, the reasons for this impressive performance are mainly in games: game developers have offered significant discounts on their titles and in-app purchases – so much so that 68% of spending on sexta-feira Negra were precisely in that category of apps. Friday also represented the absolute record revenue for mobile games in the history of app stores.

In other words, the market is more heated than ever. Will he be able to keep pace for longer?

via Apple World Today