American adults neglect social life for the sake of the Internet

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Americans have shown some obsession with surfing the Internet. This was the conclusion of an analysis carried out by the consultancy JWT that observed the behavior of more than a thousand users in an attempt to ascertain the degree of dependence existing among the community.

Among the data collected, the consultant found that the majority of adults confessed that they could not spend a week without accessing the Internet and that a third of the respondents stopped being with friends (28 percent) or neglected their sex life (20 percent). ) to be connected to the web.

When asked about how long they were unable to access the Internet, 15 percent of respondents admitted that the maximum period without a connection would be one day or less. On the other hand, 21 percent said they could only last two days and 19 percent said they could distance themselves over a longer period. Only a fifth of respondents reported being able to go a week without accessing the Internet.

Ann Mack, an analyst responsible for the study, told Reuters that users admitted they were «anxious, isolated and bored when they were forced to stay offline«.

The analysis, published yesterday, also highlights the importance that mobile phones have in the lives of users. A clear trend observed in the study was the growing need to adopt solutions that favor mobility. Users are not satisfied with just the broadband access they have at home and are increasingly looking for devices that satisfy that need.

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