America Online enables customization with My AOL

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

America Online presented the beta version of My AOL, which will allow Internet users to personalize the web content of their portal. The technology adopted by the portal is very similar to those already used by the search sites Yahoo and Google.

My AOL will allow the user to configure the organization of the portal’s contents, according to their preferences and select the preferred news via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). To this end, the portal is working with the search engine Feedster, which has an index of more than 11 million RSS feeds and feeds thousands of other XML content, writes C | Net.

As with competing services, MyAOL will allow the user to choose information from various categories of subjects such as business, sports, favorite websites, shopping e-commerce or blogs.

Rivals Google and Yahoo also have a similar service that aims to ensure easy access to topics of interest to each user.

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