AMEN reformulates accommodation offer

The integration with the DADA Group is the motto for the reformulation of the AMEN product line, which strengthened the accommodation area and is expanding the offer following online advertising and brand protection. Nuno Matias, Country Manager at AMEN Portugal, tells TeK that the company has high expectations for new services, which are already guaranteeing a good rate of adhesion by customers.

“The new store is still in beta but we are already directing some campaigns to the new website”, explains the person in charge of the company in Portugal. “Only in March did we see an increase of 130% in the number of new customers”, he stresses.

The new website details the company’s new offer that focuses on robust, easy-to-use and more intuitive configuration services.

The company maintains as a motto of its proposals the possibility of following the evolution of the client in its web presence, from domain registration to the proposal for hosting and creation of the website and mailbox management, through advertising, but the new breath that the integration with the DADA Group has allowed to create more competitive packages.

Among the new accommodation proposals is the offer of hosting up to 1 TeraByte, with 500 mailboxes of 3GBytes each and an online store for 172 euros per year, already with VAT. Available on Windows and Linux, this offer guarantees a significant jump in relation to the previously available hosting capacity, which was limited to 25 GBytes.

Nuno Matias explains that not all customers will need this Premium package, but there are offers with less accommodation space, and a lower cost at the end of the year. “The advantage is that we can follow the evolution of the customer, adding more features”, he justifies.

AMEN’s goal is for the new store to abandon the beta version in July, by which time all customers should have already migrated to the new platform, which is more intuitive in terms of account management and associated products.

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As for the offers, customers can also choose to migrate to the new hosting solutions, or subscribe to the Advertising and Brand Protection products, which are already available.