Amen and Google establish partnership in the area of ​​advertising

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Amen and Google today announced an agreement that will give subscribers of the company’s solutions the possibility to advertise online through Google AdWords, as all packs of the company will now include a credit coupon with 50 euros for this purpose.

With this offer, customers will be able to create their own sites, host them and start spreading them on the net right away.

At the presentation of the company’s Marketing partnership action in Portugal, Bernardo Hernández, director of marketing and Google Spain products, said that the main objective of this agreement is to «boost the development of SMEs» that, through the offer «will discover advertising tools» in the search engine giving «visibility to their companies».

The same official said that this is the first step towards other solutions that the company intends to develop in the Internet area in Portugal.

The offer is now available and in a few hours it obtained «500 registrations», said Nuno Matias, manager from Amen Portugal, which defends the importance that Google Adwords advertising has to companies by allowing them to «advertise their specific products or services, at the exact moment when users do their searches online«.

António Miguel Ferreira, President of Amen in Portugal, says that this partnership «is a factor of differentiation» from other competitors and «loyalty of existing customers».

Through the agreement with Google, customers will be able to buy keywords, define characteristics such as the region where they want to advertise their offers, the time and the amount to be paid per term, among others. The charge to the company is only made each time a user clicks on the ad and not when they are displayed.

After they run out of credit, customers will be able to continue advertising their companies on the Internet by simply loading the electronic coupon.

With an installed base of 25 thousand customers, Amen expects that around 20 percent will join this offer by the end of this year.

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