AMEN advances with promotion in the domain registration of the «.pt» hierarchy

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AMEN has just started a promotion campaign for new registrations or renewals of «.pt» domains, in a service that reduces the prices charged by FCCN, the official managing entity of the «.pt» hierarchy, by up to 75 percent. communicated. Domain registration can be done in the case of the annual contract for 2.5 euros per month.

In addition to domain registration or renewal, AMEN also includes in its promotional offer the DNS management service, web hosting, email and a website creation tool. It is not possible, at AMEN, to register domains «.pt» or «» without purchasing the services mentioned, «however, any domain registered with the FCCN lacks, at least, additional DNS management services – which is included in the AMEN ‘Complete Pack’, but which must be purchased separately from another supplier in case the registration was made directly by the customer at FCCN «, explains AMEN in a press release.

Thus, prices will vary between 60 and 30 euros, with the difference in terms of the duration of contracts, 24 months for the first case and 12 months for the second. There is no distinction between the two domains – just «.pt» or «» – nor between the act of renewal or new registration, it is shown in a table that integrates the press release.

The aim of the campaign now launched, which runs until the end of the year, is to boost the market and increase the mass sale of .pt domains, «enabling companies and national brands to have a presence on the Internet with their own identity and effective, «adds Nuno Matias, responsible for AMEN’s operation in Portugal, in the statement.

According to the same source, AMEN is currently the operator that registers the most domains monthly in Portugal.

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