AMD’s Opteron line gets new dual-core models

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AMD’s Opteron line has won three new processor models that the manufacturer says are faster than its current products, in an increase in clock speeds that can be achieved without consuming more energy, according to the manufacturer.

The new Opteron models dual-core 185, 285 and 885 run at 2.6 Ghz with a performance improvement of around four to 15 percent compared to current range tops that run at 2.4 Ghz, said Brent Kerby, manager of the Opteron product area at AMD, cited by C | Net.

Models 285, for two-processor systems, and 885, for four- or eight-processor systems, are now available at a cost of 1,051 and $ 2,149 in quantities of 1,000 units, AMD says in a press release. The 185 model, intended for single processor systems, will only be available one month from now, when its marketing values ​​will also be announced.

IBM, Sun Microsystems and HP will be the first manufacturers of hardware supporting the new Opteron models from AMD in its server and workstation lines, adds to the press information.

Towards the end of the year, AMD is preparing to launch a new type of Opteron, the «Rev F» models, codenamed Santa Rosa, Brent Kerby told C | Net. These models will include two new critical features: Pacifica, a virtualization technology that makes it easier to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on different partitions, called virtual machines, and Presidio, a technology for the security area.

Rev F models will also add support for a new memory technology, DDR2. Rival Intel has been using DDR2 since an early age, and is currently switching to another technology called FB-DIMM (fully buffered dual inline memorymodules).

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