AMD’s first 12 colors arrive in June

Processor market grows with AMD gaining share

AMD will anticipate for June the launch of the first processor in its portfolio with 12 processing cores. The new models, known until now by the code name Istanbul, update the Opteron processor family and will be the first result of the work of the new Global Foundries, a spin-off of the company for the production of chips in partnership.

AMD officials also announced that two new Opteron series 6000 and 4000 series will be coming to market next year, designed to support the Maranello and San Marino platforms, respectively. Both will arrive on the market with 45 nanometer technology, so that in the following year they will evolve to 32 nanometers. In the case of the 6000 series Opteron, AMD also stresses that it will start working on Magny-Cours chips with 8 to 12 colors and will evolve to Interlagos with 12 to 16 processing cores.

In the case of the 4000 series, the manufacturer’s roadmap indicates that in the 45 nanometer version the series will integrate models of 4 to 6 colors, on chips that are codenamed Lisbon and 6 to 8 colors after the evolution to 32 nanometers, reports VnuNet.

2010 will also be the year that the manufacturer launches a new version of Direct Connect Architecture, used in Opteron chips. This one upgrade will bring some news, including increasing the number of virtual machines that can run on each server.