Processor market grows with AMD gaining share

AMD wants to facilitate choice of computers with Vision

Processor market grows with AMD gaining share

Advanced Micro Devices has a new product classification strategy that aims to facilitate the choice of purchasing a computer. With the new proposal, the processor manufacturer proposes to distribute its 22 product lines in three categories: Basic, Premium and Ultimate, according to usage profiles.

Instead of the traditional model, focused on the technical specifications of individual equipment components, such as the processor model, the operating system, the video card, etc., Vision reports on what the machines are capable of doing.

The classification strategy proposed by AMD has the partnership of PC manufacturers and retailers and begins with the launch of Windows 7.

Models classified under the Vision Basic category are recommended for simple tasks, such as browsing the Internet, editing texts and playing DVDs. The Premium allusion will be on computers intended primarily for multimedia playback, while Vision Ultimate models are recommended for creating high definition video.

According to AMD, profiles can also be defined by ¬ęSee¬Ľ, ¬ęShare¬Ľ and ¬ęCreate¬Ľ.

During the first quarter of 2010, a fourth category is expected to emerge, Vision Black, which will serve to classify top machines, presumably intended for gammers.

¬ęThe Vision initiative wants to communicate technology in a more meaningful way,¬Ľ says Nigel Desau, AMD‚Äôs director of marketing, quoted by Reuters. ¬ęToday‚Äôs consumer wants to know how far the PC can go and not what‚Äôs inside it,¬Ľ he says.