AMD wants to capture 40% of the server market in three years

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Marty Seyer, vice president of AMD, revealed that the company is working to control 40 percent of the server market over the next three years.

«There are no reasons that prevent AMD from reaching this goal,» said the official. According to AMD’s forecasts, the server market will sell 11.8 million units in 2010, an annual growth of 11.8 percent where the world’s second processor manufacturer wants to have its say.

Marty Seyer also says that it is in the company’s plans, already in 2008, to capture a third of the world market for processors, against the current 20 percent held.

In order to achieve its objectives, AMD has recently signed some important agreements. Namely with IBM, Lenovo and Dell who abandon exclusivity with leading Intel. In the case of IBM, the partnership is limited to the server market. As for Dell, it is broader.

Later this week, the world’s leading PC maker announced that in September it will move forward with the first desktop supported on AMD processors from the Dimension line. At the same time, the manufacturer also plans to introduce a multiprocessor server supported on AMD’s new Opteron.

In a statement, Dell recently explained that customers want a certain combination of price and performance that Intel cannot offer.

The partnership with Dell will certainly be important for AMD’s projections to materialize, but it must be remembered that the manufacturer’s sales in the server area, where this partnership is of paramount importance, represent only 9 percent of its business against 35 percent. market share desktop and the 26 percent of the laptops.

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