AMD updates Opteron line with 5 new processors

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AMD announced five new quad-core Opteron processors. Three of these processors come to update the 2300 series, while two others update the 8300 series. All are geared towards greater energy efficiency.

The new releases have an average processing power of 55 Watts and are designed for servers, blades with two, four and eight lanes.

«Our quad-core AMD Opteron HE processors are designed to help data center managers who see energy consumption and virtualization as the key to solving their performance equation,» says Randy Allen, vice president and general manager of AMD for the server area.

According to the recently presented timetable, AMD plans to launch its first six-core. This year the launch of the first AMD 45 nanometer processor is also expected. The first 12-core processor is expected to be launched in 2010.

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