AMD-SFH driver for Ryzen CPUs is postponed once again


Users of notebooks with AMD Ryzen processors equipped with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors are waiting for the implementation of the Sensor Fusion Hub in the Linux Kernel, the driver responsible for making these sensors work in Linux distros.

What is the Sensor Fusion Hub?

As we have already talked about another article, the Sensor Fusion Hub is the driver responsible for making such sensors work on machines equipped with AMD hardware. The implementation of this driver should have been done at the time when the Linux Kernel was at version 4.9, the same time when the Intel Sensor Hub was implemented, which is the equivalent driver for machines with Intel processors.

However, it was only in January of this year (2020) that AMD finally released the driver, and it was expected that its implementation would be completed by version 5.6 of the Linux Kernel. Shortly after, this forecast was changed to be released to users only on version 5.7 of Linux, and now this release forecast is being postponed yet again.

Postponed yet again …

According to reports by developer Andy Shevchenko, one of those responsible for integrating the Sensor Fusion Hub with the Linux Kernel, problems that were recently found in the source code will take some time to resolve, which will make it impossible to integrate the Sensor Fusion Hub with the Linux Kernel. still in version 5.7. The forecast now is that the work may end in time for the release of version 5.8 of the Linux Kernel.

The bright side is that developers are working hard to ensure that functionality is brought in with the fewest possible bugs, but unfortunately nothing comes without a price, and notebook owners with these sensors will still have to wait some time before enjoy these features on Linux.

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