AMD proprietary drivers will not be fully supported on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and other distros

Ball out of AMD (it seems), I will explain the case throughout the article, but simply put, if you have an AMD card and use the computer to play or for some other heavier graphic task you may have a performance drop in the "new crop" of Linux distributions.

AMD Ubuntu drivers

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is about to come out, we have just over a month until its final release, it will probably come with some variant of Kernel Linux 4.5, which is very good, new hardware being recognized, better performance, all the best. .. less for those who use AMD.

The issue at hand does not only affect Ubuntu, but any distro that uses the updated version of graphical server X, version 1.18 more specifically. The problem that AMD did not match its drivers for this release, Catalyst / fglrx only supports Xorg 1.17.

This will cause Ubuntu 16.04 LTS not to support AMD's proprietary driver, as well as any other distros that use the same version of Xorg, and it seems that this is far from solved.

AMD halfway …

Fortunately AMD users are not completely helpless (this could be worse) because luckily we still have the drivers open, like the AMDGPU which promises to be the solution to all problems, but so far has not solved many of them. AMD is in the process of moving, so I know they intended to leave Catalyst a long time ago, so at birth Crimson to be the control interface of new drivers And when it comes to Linux, putting everything with the best possible support is already directly in the kernel, but in the meantime …

I find it laudable for AMD's action to work directly with the open source driver developers, to give Mantle as the basis of the Vulkan project and this idea of ​​wanting to put everything out of the box directly in the kernel something very Interesting … but how does the company leave thousands of users without decent support in the "next generation" of distros?

Who uses Ubuntu 15.10 for example and will upgrade to 16.04 when it comes out will have a somewhat drastic change in the system. If you use AMD's proprietary driver when upgrading, the system installs the corresponding open source driver, which in turn is usually more stable (at least in my experience), but clearly it still has poor support when it comes to acceleration. 2D / 3D and power control, which the proprietary driver nowadays provides through Catalyst.

And in the future?

Basically the information suggests that the AMD proprietary driver will not be ready in time for Ubuntu 16.04 and other distros that have their releases at this time, so Ubuntu will no longer have the ability to download and install it in its driver manager. AMD's proprietary drivers, nor will it be possible to download the drivers from the AMD website, as the problem is incompatible with Xorg, so we will probably be without AMD's support for a few months on any Linux distro that uses the specific version of Xorg. (1.18) which is not supported by the company.

This does not mean, however, that AMD drivers will not arrive in the future to improve machine performance, which is unnatural once they are running. at integrating the drivers with Vulkan.

And you may wonder what we can do now? Well, besides waiting, and simply sitting and preferably not to get too tired, we can piss the AMD so that they take a position on behalf of the user as soon as possible.

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