AMD prepares arrival of processors with 12 cores

AMD prepares arrival of processors with 12 cores

Advanced Micro Devices will place on the market microprocessors with 8 and 12 cores, intended for the business market.

The chips integrate the Opteron 6000 range and are intended for servers, says John Fruehe, director of product marketing, at blog from AMD.

Hewlett-Packard and Dell are some of the manufacturers that are expected to announce systems that will integrate the new processors multi-core, according to CNet.

The publication states that chips with 12 cores of the AMD 6100 series with 2.3 GHz clock speeds cost $ 1,386, while eight-core microprocessors and 2.4 GHz clock speeds cost $ 744.

In addition to AMD’s proposals, the product range multi-core you should meet new protagonists soon. After you have submitted chips of six cores earlier this month, Intel is preparing to launch eight-core products.

Microprocessors with six and more Colors they are intended for high-end servers that need to process large amounts of information in parallel. Theoretically, the more cores, the faster the processing.