AMD points to consumer electronics market with new processor

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

AMD today launched a new processor addressed to the consumer electronics market and to gadgets. The Geode LX800 was designed with small computers in mind, set-top-boxes or high definition televisions, the company defines in a statement. Low energy consumption was one of the priorities of Intel’s main competitor in the manufacture of the new model, which consumes 0.9 watts for a capacity of 533 MHz.

Designed based on the x86 architecture, Geode guarantees compatibility with the generality of the software designed for environments desktop like Windows XP or USB 2.0 connections, AMD also guarantees. The new model is not the first manufactured by the company that has already advanced with the Geode NX line in Asia, which is used in Samsung’s Personal Internet Communicator.

In the segment, AMD faces the usual competition from Intel, whose main business in this area results from an agreement with Microsoft for the area of set-top-boxes. Alongside traditional competition, AMD will have to compete with companies like Texas Instruments, which have focused on the consumer electronics segment for several years.

AMD’s bet on this entry segment is an attempt to reach new fringes of the market, less profitable than the areas of servers and desktop but also less expensive in terms of production costs. The new processor will be tested by 17 manufacturers, quotes the international press.

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