AMD OverDrive will be compatible with Navi GPUs in the Kernel 5.5


The version of the AMDGPU driver that will be present in the Linux 5.5 kernel will feature the compatibility of the GPU monitoring and overclocking assistant, AMD OverDrive, with the “RX 5000 Navi” series of GPUs.

AMD OverDrive on Linux?

Overclocking video cards is not as prevalent in the Linux world, at least not as much as it is among Windows users. Perhaps the reason for this is that due to the lack of intuitive means for such adjustments, Linux users end up not being very interested. for that kind of thing or getting discouraged in the middle of the process. I believe the real reason is that we don’t have software similar to, for example, MSI Afterburner.

In fact, I’m sure that many of the people reading this article are now surprised to have just discovered the existence of AMD OverDrive for Linux, aren’t they? So yes, this functionality is available for GPUs that use the AMDGPU driver.

If you don’t know which driver your GPU is using, or if you don’t know anything about AMD drivers on Linux, This article will remove all, or almost all of your doubts on the subject.

However, calm down, take a hold of that euphoria! AMD OverDrive on Linux still doesn’t work the same as it does on Windows, and there is no graphical interface where you can just click a few times and do all the “magic”. The process of using OverDrive on Linux, at the moment, works only via the command line, and is a relatively complex procedure.

Also, tell us in the comments if you want to know more about how to use this technology on Linux, and maybe we can do an article on the subject. ?

AMDGPU implementations for Navi GPUs

In addition to supporting Navi GPUs on the part of OverDrive, in this new version of AMDGPU there will also be corrections in the voltage management for SMU7 hardware with customized voltage tables, as well as corrections for handling voltage limits for SMU11 hardware, among others.

It is important to make it clear that the implementation of OverDrive for Navi GPUs has no direct relationship with AMD, as it was done by the community. More specifically, it was developer Matt Coffin, who did it alone all the work, in what was apparently his first contribution to the AMDGPU.


Whereas overclocking GPUs it is something widely used by Windows users, I believe that the development of a graphical interface to manage the use of such functionality in Linux, officially supported by AMD, is just a matter of time. I believe that Linux users have as much interest in using such functionality as Windows users, however, the vast majority do not have the knowledge, free time, or willingness to learn to use such functionality via the command line.

In fact, the time has passed when Linux users need to be “power users” in order to use distros. Nowadays, it is perfectly possible to install, configure and use a Linux distro without using the terminal, as you can see in the video below.

That said, it is past time for AMD to give that «strength», and develop, or at least contribute to the development of a graphical interface for OverDrive.

Finally, as everything has a positive side and a negative side, in my opinion the fact that AMD has opened the code for its drivers, unlike Nvidia, ends up decreasing the responsibility that it would have to develop these solutions, since the community is committed to carrying out such tasks. What can end up not being good for us, users.

You usually do overclock in GPU? Do you miss an easy way to perform such tasks on Linux? If the answer is “yes”, I strongly recommend that you contact AMD and give this feedback. Who knows if many customers request, they will fulfill the request. ?

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That’s all, folks! ?

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