Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

AMD moves forward with four-core Phenom processors

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Looking to face Intel and continue an efficiency strategy that will allow it to compete on price, AMD announced that it intends to launch two four-core processors by the summer. Phenon FX and Phenon X4 are the first chips with the new brand but by the end of the year, the semiconductor company should put on the market a new processor with the same name but only with two cores.

Despite the introduction of the Phenon brand, AMD will not abandon Athlon, which will remain the company’s main line, nor Sempron, reserved for the low end.

For servers, AMD’s multi-core strategy is codenamed Barcelona, ​​competing with the processors that Intel already put on the market last year. Processors multi core for AMD server should be in the hands of the manufacturers in the middle of this year, and a specific date is not yet known.

AMD explains that its decision to build a single processor with four cores differs from the strategy applied by Intel, which is more similar to the use of several modules on the same board, says a news item from C | net. Direct integration allows you to improve performance without wasting time exchanging information.

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