AMD launches SPIDER platform and starts selling Phenom processors

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AMD today presented its first integrated platform, SPIDER, combining Quad-Core Phenom processors, ATI HD 3800 graphics cards and chipsets AMD Series 7. In addition to the presentation of the SPIDER platform, AMD also announced the immediate availability of the new Quad-Core Phenom processors.

The integrated SPIDER platform represents a reevaluation of the AMD product line, which, in opposition to rival Intel, gave preference to the marketing of individual components, allowing the end customer greater flexibility in the choice and construction of their system. The new platform is also a direct result of the acquisition of ATI, one of the leading companies in the high-performance graphics card market, by AMD, last year.

SPIDER is intended for the mid-high segment of gaming and heavy-use computers and includes support for Microsoft DirectX 10.1, PCI Express 2.0 and CrossFireX (multiple GPUs in the same motherboard), in addition to presenting optimized features for reducing energy consumption, cooling and playing multimedia content.

Phenom Quad-Core processors are available in 9500 variants, at 2.2 GHz, for $ 251 (about 171 euros) and 9600, at 2.3 GHz, for $ 283 (about 193 euros), in batches of 1000 units. The Phenom multi-core processor class was announced by AMD in May this year and aims to compete with Intel’s multi-core offering.

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