AMD launches first Quad-core for servers in August

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AMD will launch in August its first chips Quad-core for the server market. The new Opteron, known by the code name Barcelona, ​​will be available in version standard low power consumption and a clock speed of 2GHz.

The top-of-the-range models, including a special edition, only reach manufacturers in the last quarter of the year, after the first servers supported in the new Quad-core Opteron arrive in stores, the manufacturer said to C | Net.

The new Barcelona concentrate four processing cores in a single «slice» of silicone, in an approach that AMD calls the native Quad-core and which it believes may have the necessary ingredients to make a strong competition with Intel’s direct competitor Xeon 5300.

The manufacturer that leads the world PC market, in turn, is already working on a second generation Quad-core, which will follow the first one launched last year. Known by the code name Harpertown, the new chip from Intel for the server market will be available later this year and promises significant improvements in performance, thanks to the 45 nanometer technology used in its manufacture, an asset that AMD for now does not have because it will support the production of Quad- Opteron core in 65 nanometer technology.

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