AMD is preparing a new driver for Linux with FreeSync support


I’m still going to buy AMD hardware to play on Linux, but so far the dream is still a bit distant, Nvidia’s support on the penguin system remains a little superior, both for the variety of drivers and for efficiency, but gradually AMD begins to give us hope for a better future.

AMD is working on a new version of its video driver for Linux that will support more cards, as well as adding new features such as support for FreeSync.

New Video Driver for Linux

Apparently the new features will only be part of the proprietary driver, AMDGPU PRO, while AMDGPU, will also be able to benefit from it, but it will not have all the features of the PRO version.

You can check out the AMD presentation slide on here and you can download the new AMDGPU PRO driver directly on the AMD website as well.

The installation so far has only official support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and for Red Hat EL, on the website you can also find tutorials for installation.