AMD involves Microsoft in antitrust case against Intel

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) sent Microsoft a «subpoena», an order that includes the delivery of various types of documents that will be used in the process antitrust that moved against rival Intel, namely information about the decision of the computer giant to develop software for 64 CPUs bits AMD and their maps and development dates.

The request for documentation from Microsoft was scheduled, with the company on the original list assembled by AMD when it filed a complaint against Intel in June last year. The world’s second largest processor manufacturer accuses the rival of anti-competitive and coercive actions with at least 38 companies, including major PC manufacturers and distributors (see Related News).

«We know that both parties will seek to gather documentation, both from Microsoft and from many other players of the computer industry «, says a spokesman for the software, quoted by Information Week, ensuring the company’s collaboration in whatever is required.

AMD’s request for documentation from Microsoft includes a series of documents, including email messages and other correspondence exchanged since January 2000, regarding development plans for software, the inclusion of number two of the processors in the technology planning and the discussion of the financial aspects of these involvement.

THE subpoena, delivered to Microsoft on April 13, requires documentation to be made available by May 15.

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