AMD hires more developers for its Open Source driver on Linux


Recently the OMG announced that it is looking for new professionals to compose its development team of Open Source drivers, such an increase in people can lead to better implementations, and maybe new things on the way.

Contributing to the Linux kernel with Table, The backend of LLVM compiler and containers on Linux, AMD has been striving to develop its solutions and maturing its Open Source driver, the AMDGPU.

After abandoning its old proprietary driver, Catalyst, it seems that new attention is focused on its Open Source alternative, AMDGPU, of course there is its proprietary solution, the AMDGPU-PROhowever, its need on the part of the Linux public is not a rule, giving greater freedom to those who do not feel comfortable using closed source drivers, or want the ease of just installing the operating system and using it, without leaving behind of drivers.

Here is a video of the channel “Sir Rob Linux Brasil”, Which aims to compare the performance of AMD’s open drivers versus the proprietary drivers of its competitor, Nvidia. We can see that AMDGPU drivers are getting better in games with each release.

News may be coming to AMD video card users last month proprietary driver exclusive functionality has been incorporated into the AMDGPU, it is possible that new features will come, and with more developers, performance improvements and bug fixes can be resolved more quickly.

Interested in the developer position? Go to the official AMD page and contact them.

Do you have AMD hardware? I have an Nvidia, however I would like to purchase an AMD graphics card, I really like the hardware offered by the company (I am “xoned” by my Ryzen ???).

Leave in the comments your opinion and experiences with AMD graphics cards in the penguin system.

Until the next post, I await you SYSTEMATICALLY! ?

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