AMD has GPU source code stolen and exposed on Github


AMD reported on a note that in December 2019, they were contacted by someone who claimed to have access to sensitive codes pertaining to the company’s current and future products, and some of these codes were recently released on Github.

The code in question has already been dropped by Github itself after a DMCA notice (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or in other words, copyright law), however the attacker still has codes that have not been made available.

Despite this, AMD reports that these codes are not the fundamental part of the company’s competitiveness, and that it does not affect product safety.

According to the Torrentfreak, which claims to have contacted the attacker, the products affected by this leak are the GPUs Navi (RX series) and Arden, which will be used in the future Xbox Series X.

She reports that the code was found on an unprotected computer / server, through some exploits. After a while, the files were found, with no encryption whatsoever.

Contrary to AMD’s note, the attacker said it did not try to contact AMD, since according to her, they would only sue it instead of admitting the error.

The attacker is also trying to sell the code it obtains, which she said was valued at $ 100 million. If it finds no buyer, it says it will leak all the rest of the code.

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Sources: Tecnoblog and Torrentfreak