AMD develops response to Santa Rosa platform for late 2007

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AMD will react to the recent launch of Intel’s Santa Rosa mobile computing platform. World number two of PC makers has revealed that it is working on developing a platform that also includes mobile processors and chipsets and that will follow the current Turion concept.

Code name Puma will combine the Griffin mobile processor with the new chipset RS780 in order to allow equipment manufacturers to develop equipment with improved management capabilities, more bandwidth and memory efficiency, quotes Computer World.

According to the manufacturer’s forecasts, the new platform should be ready to be sold in volume by the end of the year, so it will not arrive in stores before 2008, when the first equipment should be ready, giving time once more to the Intel to consolidate product in the market.

AMD admits the reasoning but guarantees that its platform will have some advantages. These include Microsoft’s ability to process DirectX 10 graphics, while Santa Rosa processors only support DirectX 9. In common, both platforms will have support for HD DVD and Blu-ray and HDMI.

With regard to Griffin, a processor that will serve as the basis for the new platform, the manufacturer explains that it will allow you to take advantage of all the features of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista. It will also allow you to save more battery power, since it detects whenever a laptop is not plugged in and in these situations uses a more efficient way to run graphics and more demanding applications.

AMD plans to distribute the new mobile processor in conjunction with the RS780 chipset, but also foresees the availability of only the mobile processor, in order to give manufacturers space to choose the chipset from another manufacturer, which can better adapt to the characteristics that are wanted in the machines.

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