AMD designs new line of processors to gain share in the notebook segment

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AMD introduced a new brand that will designate the manufacturer’s line of processors for the notebooks, where he hopes to win some points to rival Intel.

About the first models manufactured under the name Turion, the name chosen by AMD, it is not known for a long time and the company only said that it is already working on the new chips and that the first equipment should appear on the market in the middle of this year.

For now AMD has a 9 percent share in the processor segment for notebooks which wants to increase by vying for leadership with Intel’s Centrino line.

The manufacturer guarantees that it will maintain the Athlon 64 line, but will complement it with AMD Turion 64 technology target specific notebooks thinner and with greater mobility requirements, unlike Athlon processors that are designed with desktop recplacements.

In statements cited by Reuters, an official at AMD underlined that the thinnest lines of notebooks they are characterized by the greater autonomy of the equipment, with longer-lasting batteries and more accurate lighting characteristics, foreseeing some of the aspects that should not be overlooked in the Turion line.

It is recalled that as early as November, AMD had renewed the Sempron line with the launch of the Sempron 3000+ for lighter equipment in the lower range of the market.

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