AMD debuts meeting space in the virtual world Second Life

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

AMD debuted the AMD Dev Central Pavilion in Second Life. The space is part of AMD Dev Central Island and provides an area for virtual meetings, exchange of knowledge, study and training.

Entry into this new pavilion is encouraged with a challenge. A treasure hunt that, since yesterday, and over the next three months promises to entertain players and help expand Developer Outreach, a development program. The winner receives a Dell PC with an AMD Athlon processor with 4GB.

The processor manufacturer explains that this new virtual space aims to attract new and already installed programmers, to whom this space wants to provide «a new place to learn and grow». It is with this objective in mind that new programming challenges will also be added to the treasure hunt game already underway.

The Second Life virtual world has captivated the interest of the main world technologies with a wide range of initiatives present there. More recently it also received its first embassy, ​​from Sweden.

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