AMD Catalyst Omega brings new drivers significantly improve games

AMD Catalyst Omega traz novos drivers melhoram significativamente os games

AMD offers a special version of its video driver, which promises significant performance improvements in games and 3D applications.

THE OMG made available a special version of its video drivers and configuration manager, the AMD Catalyst Omega. The new version of the drivers is the result of more than a year of work focused on improving the experience of users and developers when using applications 3D.

The performance improvements are significant and notable on graphics cards and APU ‘s that have architecture support GCN (GPU’s of the series HD7000, HD8000, R7, R9 and APUs recent).

The comments in the Reddit, news aggregator site, they are animators. One user said that Assassin’s Creed Unity it was, at last, “playable” on your machine. Others framedrops constant in games like The Crew and Civilization V gone. Particularly, I’m curious to know if the performance in games that run more smoothly on graphics cards from Nvidia also improved (as is the case with Dead Rising 3).

To know and download, find the available drivers for Windows at the AMD’s official website.

Have you already downloaded and installed the new drivers? Did you feel a difference in performance?