AMD asks for judicial intervention to clarify agreement between Intel and Skype

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AMD asked the court to verify the authenticity of Skype’s justification for supporting an exclusivity agreement recently signed between the company and Intel.

The agreement provides that only users of voice over IP service whose PCs use Intel processors can establish voice conferences between 10 people. The remaining users of version 2.0 of software they can only establish this type of communication with a maximum of five users.

When presenting the partnership, companies (Intel and Skype) explained that the functionality was reserved for users with Intel processors dual core, because only these had the necessary performance to take advantage of this extension of the number of people supported in the same voice conference.

To ensure that only Intel PCs take advantage of this new feature, the software Skype performs a CPU check of machines trying to use version 2.0 that allows identifying the processor in the motherboard.

AMD considers the arguments used to promote the partnership between the two companies to be misleading and has asked the court to provide documents proving the technical limitations that underpin the claim.

AMD’s request comes under the case antitrust against Intel and is presented because the number two of the processors believes that the restriction of the service to Intel users is only a requirement of the competitor.

AMD says that the functionality that allows doubling the number of participants in the voice conference is only turned off for users who do not use Intel.

«This is an artificial limitation,» says an AMD spokesman. «In fact, the details we know strongly suggest that there is no technological basis for this exclusive agreement.»

In addition to the technical aspects, AMD wants to clarify whether there are financial compensations for Skype for the exclusivity agreement with Intel and to understand the content of other exclusivity agreements signed by the competitor since 2000.

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