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AMD APU processor up to 80% better with Linux Kernel modifications!

With Linux kernel upgrade and MESA graphics library improvement AMD processor performance can increase by up to 80%

AMD's integrated processors outperform considerably with new versions of MESA and the Linux kernel.

It seems that finally decent support is on its way to Linux when it comes to AMD, at least this is the case with AMD's APU processors that have an integrated graphics system, similar to Intel's Core-i where the processor splits between jobs. graphics and pure processing.

Understand better than an APU processor in this article where we explain how it works.

Thanks to the Kernel 3.13 upgrade and the MESA graphics library upgrade to version 10, Phoronix was able to see up to 80% improvement in graphics performance of AMD processors in traditional Linux games always used in their testing to maintain notion. of evolution.

If we look closely at the above chart we can see even more gain by installing the official AMD driver on the system, things are really getting better, so these updates should arrive in the distributions.

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