AMD announces GPU Radeon HD 7970, a possible candidate to equip future Macs Pro – if they exist

Time to refresh the memory: at the beginning of the month we commented on some supporting evidence for AMD graphics cards codenamed Tahiti, manufactured by 28 nanometer processes, found in OS X 10.7.3 beta. Well, then, it’s good that the next version of Lion even brings this support, because AMD has just revealed its new card, the Radeon HD 7970.

AMD Radeon HD 7970

As mentioned above, it is produced by a 28 nanometer process and offers up to 150% performance improvement per square millimeter, in addition to being compatible with PCI Express 3.0 and AMD CrossFire. It will be available from January 9th, costing $ 550 a time, matching the arrival of new Xeon processors to equip a Mac Pro.

If you are interested in all the technical details of the Radeon HD 7970, a good request is to take a look at the extensive review of AnandTech.

(via MacRumors)

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