AMD Announces Entry to the “Patron” Team at Blender Foundation Development


This Wednesday (23), another big company joined the “Patron” team of Blender Foundation Development, “thickening” this select group of companies.

It was announced on the foundation’s official Twitter that OMG is now part of the foundation’s “Patron”, thus joining EpicGames and the NVIDIA, the latter announced her entry in this very complete article for you to check out.

“Today AMD joined the Blender Foundation Development Fund at the Patron level. We will invest in general development, in the migration of Vulkan and to keep AMD technologies well supported by our users. Thank you very much!»

Soon after, it was the turn of AMD’s official Twitter, to make a tweet talking about the entry into the foundation.

«AMD is proud to join the Blender Foundation Development Fund as» Patron «, contributing to the success of Blender’s excellent open source tools and keeping AMD technologies well supported by all users.»

The Patron level (Patron or Patron), means that AMD will be allocating at least € 120 thousand (in the current conversion, something around R $ 540 thousand) per year.

Once again, we are seeing large companies investing “rivers of money” in open source projects, such as Blender, Krita and others. Finally, they are realizing the great potential of such tools and thus making the famous “Win-Win”, where everyone wins and drives the growth of projects.

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