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AMD and Nvidia pressure Intel to share specification information for USB 3.0 controllers

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AMD and Nvidia have announced that they will join efforts to develop specifications for USB 3.0 controllers, alternatives to what Intel is developing. The companies claim that the competitor does not give them access to the information needed to prepare for the arrival of the new USB generation.

The companies guarantee that they will start a parallel work on the development of a open host Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 controller, although they warn of the compatibility problems that this parallel work may create in the future.

The specification for USB 3.0 controllers that Intel has been developing is expected to be completed next year. The work done so far points to significant improvements in speed, in the order of 10 times compared to the current specification, guarantees Intel.

The processor market leader has since responded to AMD and Nvidia’s intention by saying that as soon as the specification is completed it will share all the necessary information with the market.

Competitors guarantee that if the specification data is only shared at the end of the process, Intel will have secured a competitive advantage for six to nine months.

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