AMD and Lenovo partner to bring AMD pro 12 and Ryzen processors to ThinkPads


This week the Chinese giant, Lenovo, announced a new partnership with AMD to bring the company’s processors to the ThinkPad line.

In the Notebook and notebook market (in the same segment) Intel has been dominating in recent years, as was the High-End line on the desktop before the arrival of Ryzen, who arrived to make the market more competitive.

Now AMD intends to recover the lost territory in this segment as well.

Lenovo’s new products will initially be aimed at the corporate and government market and will bring AMD PRO A12 processors, however, they should soon give way to Ryzen processors as well, which will equip Lenovo’s A275 and A475 models.

In addition to the processors, some variations of the new Lenovo models are expected to bring Radeon R7 GPUs, completing hardware that would be full OMG. It is interesting to comment that the A275 can have up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, and the A475 with up to 32 GB.


Both can be configured with SSD options up to 512 GB or up to 1 TB HDD. Consumers can still count on digital readers and 4G LTE connectivity. Touch screen is an optional item. The two models will also be equipped with several physical connections, including USB type A and a USB-C connection.

The A47, which will have a 14 » screen, will arrive on the international market on September 15th for US $ 849.00 (something R $ 2,600.00 converting without taxes), and the A275 should arrive in October for US $ 869, 00 (something like R $ 2,700.00 converting without taxes). There is no information about their sale in Brazil yet.

Lenovo, of course, will not fail to sell computers with Intel processors and Nvidia GPUs, but it is good to see consumers will have more options. The ThinkPad line is not the cheapest, but who knows Lenovo’s initiative will motivate other manufacturers to do the same too, isn’t it?

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