AMD advances with the first dual core processor for notebooks

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AMD announced the availability of its first dual core for notebooks, about a year after advancing to dual-core technology for the server and desktop. The new Turion 64 X2 is capable of running operating systems and software 64-bit, used for example in the new Windows Vista.

In terms of performance and frequencies the new Turion is similar to the Intel Core Duo. Regarding differences, the fact that Turion, like other AMD dual-core processors, integrates a memory controller and memory cache dedicated for each of the cores.

The two lines are also distinguished in terms of energy consumption, with a slight advantage for Intel during the period of operation of the equipment and an asset in favor of AMD that achieves greater savings when the processor is paused between periods of work. , details C | Net.

Another difference is the support for 64 bits that Turion guarantees – as it already did in the previous version – and the first generation of Intel dual-core processors does not, an issue that will be overcome with the Intel Core 2 Duo line, already announced and with commercialization scheduled for August this year.

The launch of the new line dual core AMD is seen as another step in the competition strategy with Intel, which has advanced with dual core for the notebooks several months ago, a strategy that accompanies strong investments in marketing to promote this bet.

According to AMD, manufacturers like HP, Gateway or Acer are already preparing models supported on the new processors that are expected to be available for sale within a few weeks.

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