AMD adds new three-core processors to the Phenom family

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AMD presented plans yesterday to add a processor triple-core to the processor family multi-core Phenom, creating a more affordable offer in the desktops consumption with multi-core processors.

Processors quad-core of the brand have had a low penetration in the market of desktops, partly due to its still high cost. With the introduction of the offer triple-core, AMD intends to reduce the cost to the end consumer, maintaining the performance and capabilities of a high performance processor.

The diversification of the Phenom range of processors multi-core will allow AMD to profit from an expanding platform, offering greater flexibility to its customers and reducing production costs for the company.

The Phenom family was announced in May, in a configuration quad-core, in order to compete with Intel’s equivalent offer. Phenom processors are distinguished by the fact that their processing cores communicate directly with each other without resorting to a bus front end, as is the case with Intel processors.

AMD reaffirmed the launch of the Phenom line of processors quad-core still this year.

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