AMD 64-bit architecture arrives in notebooks

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AMD has already started to market Turion, its line of 64-bit processors for portable computers and which, according to the manufacturer itself, will integrate the machines of an initial set of manufacturers, such as Acer, Fujitsu Siemens and Packard Bell.

Rivals of the Pentium M microprocessors, which are part of Intel’s Centrino package, the Turions come in seven models – the ML-37, ML-34, ML-32, ML-30, MT-34, MT- 32, and MT-30 – identified through a new denomination system.

AMD explains in a statement that the first two letters of this system identify the chips as belonging to the Turion line, with the second letter revealing its energy consumption. Letters closer to the end of the alphabet indicate lower consumption and longer battery life. The numbers reveal the processing power of the processors. The higher, the higher the performance.

The new Turions are available now, at prices ranging from 189 to 354 dollars, for shipments of 1,000 units. Rival Intel charges between $ 209 and $ 637 for Pentium M, the microprocessor component of the Centrino brand.

Centrino includes three chips: a microprocessor, a chip set auxiliary and a processor wireless, all of which are manufactured by Intel and must be purchased in packs if the manufacturer wants to use the name Centrino. AMD opts for a different strategy, guaranteeing, according to itself, a greater degree of flexibility to customers when creating their systems, allowing the choice of cards wireless and chip sets other suppliers.

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