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AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth speaker is costing $ 10

The speakers AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth are on sale at Amazon store. The blue model is costing $ 10.18 while the yellow model comes out for $ 10.40 – prices available while this news was written.

Normally, the price of these speakers is $ 15, but any price below has already said it saves money, especially a more affordable gadget. You can check out AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth this Amazon store link.

The AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth speaker is a portable gadget for anyone who wants to listen to music anywhere. The speaker has a silicone wing that can be attached anywhere, such as backpacks and coats. The device can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth technology and any music streaming platform.

Amazon's compact speaker battery can provide six hours of music, and its splash-resistant design. It also has a built-in microphone to serve during calls.

Via: Windows Central